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Visual Arts



Title: Show Your Voice 

Artist: Amundha B.A.

Grade Division: Intermediate (grade 3-5)

Detail: color pencil and pastel

Artist Statement: My fun time in the day is to play in the park with friends


Title: Yes bullies No fun! No bullies Yes fun!

Artist: Jiwon L.

Grade Division: Intermediate (grade 3-5)

Details: 9 by 12 inches

Artist Statement:  My painting shows that bullies are bad. My work also shows people can stop bullying and make the world happy place. 


Title: Hike in Nature

Artist: Milan B.

Grade Divison: Intermediate (grade 3-5)

Details: watercolor

Artist Statement: I show my voice by speaking up in support of protecting nature, and for getting outdoors. Hiking is very important to me and my family. This summer, I hiked the Naches Peak Trail in Mt. Rainer National Park. I painted the wildflowers that were blooming in the meadows.


Title: Beyond the microphone

Artist: Maria S.

Grade Divison: Intermediate (grade 3-5)

Details: acrylic paint and marker, 9 by 12 inches

Artist Statement: I tried to create a person speaking, and their words are representing a result of what happened when people spoke out for change. This is how it relates to the theme.  Around the person are quotes that people said, some of which may inspire other people to change the world too.


Title: Air and Water Dragon

Artist: Penny V.

Grade Divison: Intermediate (grade 3-5)

Details: Colored pencils, paint markers, glue, water color paper

Artist Statement: I use my voice to inspire other people to be artists and look around to be inspired by the things around you. I used the colors of the sky and water to inspire me to create a dragon.


Title: A 2 Part Series: "The Singer" & "The Best"

Artist: Aaliyah A.

Grade Divison: Primary (grade K-2)

Details: Markers, crayons and stickers 14 by 20 in matted

Artist Statement: The artist describes "The Singer" as being onstage with the crowd taking her picture. "The Best" is described as all the things that make the artist herself, being cute and fancy.  She says, "I show my voice through singing and being fancy...dressing up, sparkles, glitter, party clothes." And "My mom loves my artwork and I thought it was a great way to show my voice."


Title: Every girl can be a leader!

Artist: Sophie C.

Grade Divison: Primary (grade K-2)

Details: acrylic paint and marker, 16 by 20 in. canvas

Artist Statement: I want to show my voice: Every girl can be a leader, building a better world together! Like Maria Montessori, I want to become a leader in education, inspiring many kids to enjoy reading and learning. Like Marie Curie and Kathryn Johnson, I want to become a leader in science. I hope to build green-energy cars to protect the environment, build ultra-fast spaceship to explore Mars and space, build robotic mermaids and discover new materials in oceans to help cure diseases.  Together, let us turn the voice into actions - lead our way towards a better world.