Mark Your Calendars - February 29th!



Come meet with our Capital Projects Team members to learn more about the potential option to rebuild and enlarge Alcott Elementary on Site 44 (Cadman Property). This 25-acre property was recently purchased by the district. It is located east of 520 near Union Hill.

This potential option would allow for the following:
-A new, enlarged building.
-Increased walkability for Alcott Elementary students (approximately 400 Alcott students (63%) live within walking distance of the Cadman property.
-Reduction in the number of buses.
-Eliminates the need to complete construction while students are on campus.

We want to hear your thoughts about what considerations should be made as we work through the next steps.


Please join us!


Note: Unfortunately, we are not able to provide childcare for this event.

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What is corporate matching?

Some companies match donations their employees made to non-profit organizations. That means if you tell them you donated $50 to Alcott PTSA, for example, they will give an extra $50 to that organization without any additional cost to you. While you pay $50, we get $100. 

So, if your employer offers corporate matching, please submit your donation and help us raise even more money.

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