FACT: Kids do better when families are engaged in their learning.  

Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support students!

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Kids do better when families are engaged in their learning.



Remote schooling can be hard. But even when we can’t be together, the Alcott PTSA is here to help.


This is how we are continuing to support Alcott students, families and our community:



Education           teacher                               


The Alcott PTSA provides academic enrichment by offering a variety of programs:   


  • Math Challenge
  • Smart with Art
  • Science Fair
  • iXL reduced rate subscriptions                                  
  • Read-A-Thon Fundraiser                                               


Additionally, we provide funds for teacher materials, books for the school library, and physical education (PE) and music support.  We also provided this year’s remote learning boxes, Orca folders and agendas.






The PTSA works to keep families connected even when schooling is remote. Here are some of the events and activities we’ve orchestrated this year so far:


  • Rock Art
  • Chalk the Walk
  • Yearbook
  • Reflections
  • Virtual Parent-education workshops
  • Fall Harvest Spirit Week
  • Virtual Picture Day                                                  






Becoming a PTSA member gives you a voice and a vote in decisions affecting your Alcott student, AND sends a message to our state legislature that our district's voters are concerned and involved.


Plus, when you join you automatically become a member of the WA State and National level PTA programs. This gives you a voice on behalf of all children to engage both locally and on a larger scale.

Are you ready to join the Alcott PTSA?  
*Pricing for an annual membership is $30/families(dual), $20/individual and $12/staff.
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