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Louisa May Alcott Elementary

4213 228th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98053
 (425) 936-2490

 Advocacy - Special Education 

The purpose of this page is to share resources, inform, connect and advocate for our students. Please reach out with any questions, feedback or ideas to advocacy@alcottptsa.org


Special Education Lead:  Jessica Bryan, specialed@alcottptsa.org



Connect with Others

Join the LWPTSA Special Education Group (SEG) and learn and connect with parents from across the district. 


Visit https://www.lwptsa.net/special-needs-group/ for information on upcoming meetings and to join their mailing list. 


Need help? 

Are you looking for support or help for your child?  Not sure who to ask or where to get help? The Office of Educational Ombuds (OEO) is a resource available to all K-12 families in public schools.