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 WSPTA Awards of Excellence

Outstanding Website Award - Silver

Executive Board Positions (Elected Officers)


President (2) - While the PTSA President provides leadership and support to the Executive Board, Chairpersons, volunteers and our school community, the PTSA President also presides at all PTSA meetings, makes appointments as necessary to positions and committees, and are an ex-officio member of all committees. The PTSA President also communicates regularly with the school principal and the administrative staff, internally communicates information important to PTSA programs, and attends or sends representatives to the Lake Washington PTSA Council meetings and state workshops. This position requires a presence at school and a reasonable number of PTSA functions. The amount of hours spent ranges throughout the year and with the president’s leadership style. This position can be held by just one person, or two people can share the position as co-presidents.


In addition to responsibilities outlined in the standing rules; oversees the following committees

  • Financial Review – meets twice a year in January/February and July/August timeframe to review finances of the PTSA in accordance with standing rules
  • Awards Committee - Reaches out to the school community and awards outstanding teachers, volunteers and advocates for the school year in the spring. 
  • Nominating Committee  - This committee is elected by the membership and works closely with the school community to find nominees for officers and board members for the April election. 

Vice President (2) - The Vice President(s) assists the President in all roles and steps in as needed to ensure all positions, committees and events are functioning and successful. This position attends all PTSA meetings and internal school administrative meetings. If needed the Vice President could preside over all PTSA meetings. The Vice President should consider this as a learning opportunity to step into the President role following term limits. The amount of hours vary throughout the year depending on the need from the President, other board members and committees.


Treasurer (2) - Do you have an eye for detail and a head for numbers? The Treasurer deposits and disburses dues & funds, prepares a monthly Treasurer's report, prepares mid-year and end-of year summaries and is responsible for all required government paperwork. The treasurer is also responsible for keeping all financial records and for presenting them to a yearly audit committee.


Secretary - The Secretary provides the vital record keeping functions for the PTSA. They attend and record minutes for both Boards meetings and General PTSA meetings, submit minutes for approval, handle correspondence regarding any PTSA meetings and keeps attendance records. They also maintain the legal documents and the permanent record files. This position is perfect for someone who is very organized, enjoys writing, and has the ability to summarize well. The amount of hours spent per is 2-5 hours per month (including Board meetings and General PTSA meetings).



Board Positions & Chairs


Director of Advocacy - This position works closely with the Lake Washington PTSA council and Alcott to facilitate active participation in the legislative process and all levels of government and administration. They will attend Legislative Assembly and Focus Day. They will seek opportunities to educate Alcott PTSA members about the advocacy process, issues relevant to children, and advocacy opportunities. Encourage and facilitate members to submit issues and/or resolutions for WSPTA legislative platform as interest allows. Facilitate relationship development with state legislators and other community leaders involved in education policy. Work with the district and school to support and educate the Alcott learning community about local levies and bonds.


The Director of Advocacy works closely with the following Chairs:

  • Pantry Packs Chair - Did you know that there are children at our school that may not have enough food on the weekends? Want to help? Here’s how! You will partner with Alcott’s school counselor and Pantry Packs of the Lake Washington Schools Foundation to pick up weekend pantry packs and deliver them to the office at Alcott Elementary. This is a monthly commitment of about 2 hours. You must have access to a car large enough to carry 6-8 storage bins of food.
  • Special Needs Chair - Serve as the school resource for special needs families partnering closely with the district, school and special services team at Alcott. This position should attend the monthly Lake Washington School District special needs meetings and invite other special needs families to attend these.
  • Emergency Preparedness Chair- Emergency Prep will be the liaison between the District EMPREP group and our school to make sure we are organized, informed and prepared. This position works directly with the staff at Alcott to make sure everything is in place and all items and materials are ordered, stocked, current and organized.
  • Sustainability Chair - Are you passionate about the environment? Represent our school as a part of the LWPTSA Council Sustainability Committee. The committee has worked on a range of issues, including food recovery, waste reduction, composting, green cleaning, no-idle zones, herbicide-free schools, and engaging and supporting students in their efforts to combat climate change and create a livable planet.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Chair - This is a new position in 2021.  This position works with the PTSA board, school and LWPTSA Council. It serves as a resource to families that have questions or need information. It meets with the LWSD and school Equity Team with the goal of finding ways for Alcott PTSA to collaborate and partner on equity efforts. Works with other board members to publish information, events and resources to the PTSA website, Facebook pages and newsletter. Tries to organize at least one parent education event/training per year that focuses on a topic that aligns with equity and diversity. Alcott PTSA is committed to building a culture that makes all families feel welcome, part of and engaged in their school communities.


Director of Communications - If you have a writing, graphic artist, technical, blogger, or marketing background you, then Director of Communications just might be for you. This position oversees all aspects of communication with the school through the Orca Waves newsletter, social media accounts, website, school reader board, bulletin boards and the PTSA calendar of events.


The Director of Communications works closely with the following Chairs:

  • Newsletter Chair - Collect information from Board members, chairs, our school, district and the community for publication in our weekly newsletter. A great position for staying in the "know" about all the many opportunities available to our school community.
  • Website Chair - The Website Chair coordinates all website entries and updates. Alcott PTSA works with Membership Toolkit as platform providers which makes all website related work easy and user-friendly. Some familiarity with website design is highly recommended but not required.
  • Social Media Chair - The Social Media Chair manages the Alcott Facebook site, publishes events and general announcements posts. Depending on the engagement, this work fluctuate between 1 hour per month to 1 hour per week. No experience is required but it is an advantage to have some experience on the Facebook platform.
  • Reader Board Chair - Keep the reader board in front of Alcott up to date.  
  • Bulletin Board Chair - Use your creative skills and keep our bulletin board by school entrance up to date with event information for families, staff and students. 


 Director of Enrichment - Help bring rewarding experiences to our children outside the classroom.


The Director of Enrichment works closely with the following Chairs:

  • Reflections Chair - Do you love art and would like our students to present their art at district, state and national level? The reflections chair works with materials and instructions from the official reflections program. You will create our submission plan for Alcott and help communicate outcomes with school, and be the contact for the district, state and national reflections chairs. You'll have a budget to decide on prizes for the kids, too.
  • Math Challenge Chair - Each year Alcott PTSA partners with Math in Action to bring a year long, weekly math challenge to Alcott students. As the Math Challenge Chair, you will set up the start and end date of the challenge, check weekly submissions for correct answers, pass out prizes and keep the classes update on progress through the year in Orca Waves Newsletter. This can be handled by one volunteer from August through June. You can also partner with another parent. Requires access to a computer, the internet, and ability to come to the school periodically to hand out prizes. Much of the work can be done from home and you can partner with another volunteer. There is a budget for this challenge that is maintained yearly by the PTSA.
  • Spelling Bee Chair - Bring the Scripps National Spelling Bee to Alcott! Need a volunteer by December to make the Bee happen.  Requires attention to detail and hosting a local spelling bee event for our school.  Registration for the February/March event happens in early January. 
  • YMCA Chair: TBD


 Director of Family Events - oversees the planning and execution of fun, educational, and community-building family events and manages chairs for Back to School Bash, Game and Movie Nights, International Culture Night and Student Expo, Egg Drop, and the End of Year Bash. If you love to plan a party, we need you here!


The Director of Family Events works closely with the following Chairs:

  • Back to School Bash Chair - Help us welcome the community back to school. Prior to 2020 this was a fun event with vendors, music and prizes.  With restriction on in-person events, we are looking for someone to help us welcome families, staff and students back to school in other ways.  
  • International Culture Night Chair - This event celebrates our diversity and highlights the many talented students at Alcott. For the 2021-22 school year, this event will be held online.
  • Egg Drop Chair -  Are you up for a challenge? Help organize and plan our spring student Egg Drop Challenge Event. Want to do more? Though not required, we would love to extend this STEM Challenge to others throughout the school year.    
  • Science Fair Chair - Organize, implement and run our popular Science Fair for K-5th graders.  This event will be held online for the 2021-22 school year. 
  • Family Math Night Chair:  Help bring a fun-filled math night to Alcott! For the 2021-22 school year, this event will be online and could be help on one night or over several evenings. in the past we have worked with a local vendor, Mathnasium, to hold this event at school.  They may be able to help with an online option this year.  Looking for creative ways to bring math games home to families and have some fun with math and with our school community. 
  • Family Movie Night Chair (tentative for 2021-22 school year): Your job will be to help set up the gym and make sure the movie is running smoothly while the parents connect during the PTSA General Meeting. This is two 3-hour commitments on the day of with maybe 1 hour of planning prior. Work with a friend and the PTSA Board will make sure you have everything you need to help with the event.
  • End of Year Party: The last hurrah of the year!


 Director of Fundraising - raises the funds for the PTSA through fun school events, as well as smaller efforts to raise money. This position is an opportunity to be creative in finding ways to raise money. It is a big job, but very rewarding!


The Director of Family Events works closely with the following Chairs:

  • Orca Fun(d) Run Chair - Help organize and plan our largest fundraiser of the year! Don't worry, you won't do this alone! For 2021, we are looking into alternatives to a 'run'.  So bring your creativity and enthusiasm, meet some new people and support your school community!  Looking for a Chair this September to run the event in October. 
  • Spirit Wear Chair - Alcott elementary partners with a company to run a small fundraiser selling clothing items with the Alcott Elementary logo. Starting in August, you work with chosen vendor to set up selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other possible clothing items using Alcott Elementary logo. You will monitor online sales and work with communications to publicize spirit wear through flyers, newsletter, Facebook, website, email, and Peach Jar digital flyers. You will recruit volunteers to help with above tasks as needed with the help of the VP of Volunteers. When items arrive; unbox, label, and hand out spirit wear t-shirt orders to families, teachers, and staff. You will receive a list of who placed t-shirt orders and deliver the lists, t-shirts, and other spirit wear to classrooms. This volunteer job can be done from home with exception of the delivery of items. The approximate time commitment is 10 hours or less.
  • Yearbook Chair - Yearbook Chair coordinates a committee consisting grade level coordinators for Kindergarten through 5th grade and one volunteer each from 2/3 and 4/5 quest classrooms. This is a total of 9 volunteers. Yearbook chair works directly with our yearbook provider to hand out flyers, put up posters and meet deadlines for yearbook design. Manages the collection and collation of pictures from grade level coordinators. Grade level coordinators work directly with room parents and teachers to collect pictures. Will work with yearbook chair to help design yearbook. 1 hour per month to coordinate with teachers to collect pictures from October through May. 5-10 hours in May and June for design and distribution of yearbooks.
  • Orca Savers - Help us to continue to fundraise throughout the year by running smaller fundraisers like selling coupon books, or setting up fundraising meals at local restaurants. 
  • Sporting Events - Set up group ticket sales to local sporting events like the Mariners.  


 Director of Membership - This position recruits members in the fall through email communication, social in person events, marketing campaign materials and more; manages the online school directory; and hosts the General Membership meetings.


The Director of Membership works closely with the following Chair:

  • Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Chair - Help create events that reach out to the larger school community.  In the past this has include things like Coffee Mornings and parent education speakers. Also work closely with the LWPTSA Council and the Director of Events. 


 Director of Volunteers - The Director of Volunteers oversees the services that directly benefit our school community and manages Chairs for Emergency Preparation, Hearing and Vision, Staff Appreciation, Student Class Photos, Yearbook, Kindergarten Registration as well as setting up volunteer opportunities for PTSA events. This position is a wonderful opportunity to offer something back to our school!


The Director of Volunteers works closely with the following Chair:

  • Vision & Hearing Screening Chair - Work closely with the school and school nurse to organize volunteers for Vision and Hearing Screen of students.
  • Picture Day Chair -  Work closely with the school and photography company on Picture day to organize and welcome volunteers to help with Picture Day. 
  • Staff Appreciation Chair: Helps the families of Alcott shower our teachers with appreciation for all their hard work! You can work with the PTSA Board for support and we will help you recruit volunteers to help implement the daily activities. You can also plan at home and have volunteers make the day happen at school. In addition to a 1-week commitment in May, the Staff Appreciation Chair helps to plan two PTSA staff meal.  One lunch in September and a breakfast in December.  Help us appreciate the teachers and staff at Alcott!