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We are excited to bring back Alcott PTSA Math Challenge for the 2021 - 2022 school year.

Each challenge will have about 25 questions. The questions are designed to encourages kids at each grade level to develop their problem-solving skills, comprehension, and practical thinking! Kids are encouraged to do as many questions as they can. Once they complete the challenge and hit ''Submit'', they will see their results instantly.


June Challenge



math challenge button 


Pro Tip - Use a paper/pencil to solve the problems on the side.

Winners will be chosen based on participation at each grade level. and will be announced by the office in the morning assembly. Prizes will be delivered to the student's classroom within a week. 

New Challenge will be released at the beginning of every month and will be due in a week. Winners will be announced by the following Monday.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.




Evelyn C. - Tusler (KG)
Adithi E. - Malcolm (1)
Iris J - Davis (2)
Odbayar Y. - Hagengruber (3)
Sreeyan G. - Rothlisberger (4)
Zoe T. - Lynch (5)
 Aqsa N. - Tusler (KG)
 Sri M. - Malcolm (1)
 Dylan M. - Miller (2)
 Ashwin S. - Taylor (3)
 Pratyush J. - Rothlisberger (4)
 Akshara R. - Zeitz (5)



Sumedh K.  - Tusler (KG)

Derek C. - Malcolm (1)

Misheeta A. - Woolwine (2)

Odbayar Y. - Hagengruber (3)

Ayaan A. - Parkhurst (4)

Kavya S. - Knowles (5)



KG - Kevin (Schmitt)

1st Grade - Derek (Malcolm)

2nd Grade - Raksheet (Hanaway)

3rd Grade - Diego (Taylor)

4th Grade - Lasya (Parkhurst)

5th Garde - Arav (Epler)



Kevin S. - KG (Schmitt)
Garvita G. - 1st (Johnson)
Jamie F. - 2nd (Hanaway)
Roy W. - 3rd (Guptil)
Shravan G. - 4th (Nasir)
Arav D. - 5th (Epler)









Adrij P. - KG (Lutin)
Raj P. - 1st (Howell)
Samar R - 2nd (Hanaway)
Brayden H. - 3rd (Hagengruber)
Parth G. - 4th (Parkhurst)
Jessie - 5th (Zeitz)